“everyone was so amazed at the professional grade coaches in this league (club) with top notch resumes.  We are grateful for all of you qualified coaches willing to coach at this age group (U9).  The only thing we could figure is your hearts must truly be all about the young players and the future of the sport.” - Tom 2011 Parent

College Placement

“we get excited to see the Chicas play, as we know to expect quality soccer, and good players, that are well coached and prepared to play at the next level.” -Matie Zabala, U of Portland


“Our players and families are the priority. We value quality over quantity, people over profit. Our players are challenged, encouraged, and valued in this process. Chicas will learn to be accountable, respectful, humble, and embrace a strong work ethic in their development. They will take ownership of their journey and develop the skills and confidence to achieve their goals and ambitions in life and sport.” —Michael Mollay, Executive Director