The Indie Chicas 2010’s will begin their competitive transition Spring 2019. If you are a 2010 player, love the game, have desire and ability to take the next step in your soccer journey, contact
Rich Tobias, U10 Technical Director: or (208) 392-8659. Work. Love. Share. Advance. We are the Chicas!

The following program and staff will be guiding and mentoring our Chicas:

  • Academy Training 1x/week

  • Competitive Training 1x/week;

    • introduction to sophisticated concepts and competitive expectations

  • Team Competing in Local Competitive League

  • Staffing:

    • Tracy Custer Nelson (USSF B)

      • Asst. Coach, Ole Miss University (95-97)

      • Head Coach, Northern Arizona University (97-2001)

      • Director of Capital Youth Soccer (02-05)

    • Rich Tobias (NSCAA National Youth)

      • Technical Director U10, Indie Chicas FC