Girls 5-10 discover the game of soccer.

They learn to play and play to learn while nurturing confidence to develop their skills.


She will learn to tap into her athletic abilities like coordination, agility, and balance through fun games, activities, and challenges. Main focus of the ball will be learning to dribble.

Washington Rush Cup 2017

Washington Rush Cup 2017


The foundation of this game is ball mastery. If the ball is an extension of self, confidence and joy are the result. If she controls the ball, she controls the game.


Further development of her athletic ability while thinking of the ball as an extension of herself. Dribbling technique is challenged with 1v1, attack, and defend with purpose.

SoCal Blues Cup 2018

SoCal Blues Cup 2018


Learning sophisticated team concepts that enhance her technical, emotional, mental, and decision making development. We then test our quality on the state and regional stage.

U9 Ninja Academy

Begin ball mastery. She will learn first touch, juggle, and pass, while finding her own style on the field. Appointment only. Michael Mollay, Director of Coaching at 208-863-2782

State Cup 2019

State Cup 2019


Develop, compete, and advance. She and her team compete and showcase on the state, regional, and national stage. Chicas realize opportunities on the college soccer stage and beyond.

Where we compete & showcase