SHE develops and COMPETES

Chicas Development Three Stages:
Intro (5U-10U) - physical development, coordination, ball exploration, play, repeat
Stage One (U10-U12) - play, learn, develop, compete, repeat
Stage Two (U13-U15) - train, play, compete, advance, repeat
Stage Three (U16-U18) - train, play, compete, advance, placement



The foundation of this game is ball mastery. If the ball is an extension of self, confidence and joy are the result. If she controls the ball, she controls the game.



Learning sophisticated team concepts that enhance her technical, emotional, mental, and decision making development. We then test our quality on the state and regional stage.



Develop, compete, and advance. Players and teams compete and showcase on the state, regional, and national stage. Chicas realize opportunities on the college soccer stage and beyond.

Where we compete & showcase

We test ourselves against the best of the best, on the state, regional, and national stage.