We get so focused on what we want for our players and daughters, that we forget to ask what they want. The club sets programming, we communicate expectations, the momentum begins… It is important we pause from time to time, and talk with our daughters (and players) to find out if this is what she wants.

Soccer is a voluntary sport. If she plays for the Indie Chicas, it’s because she is looking for a competitive experience focused on the female athlete. What does that mean? It means we are developing elite female soccer players, and more importanly, young empowered girls. For this to happen, her voice matters.

We honor our differences, establish a foundation of love and respect, and find balance in accomplishing our collective and individual goals. This is the true definition of teamwork, cooperation, and being a Chica. We can have different goals and motivations, and still be of support to one another. This is what makes this journey so special.

Her voice matters. We are the Indie Chicas FC.