Chicas representing!!

Mylee Carver, U15 Chicas Lime, selected to the 2017 US Youth Soccer ODP Region IV Camp. Identified as one of the top 2003 female players in the western United States, Mylee will train with top collegiate and ODP staff for a chance to make the Regional Team.

"Mylee continues to be recognized for her talent as a dominating attacking player," said Michael Mollay.  "She is a great example of ability meeting ambition and hard work."  

Sean O'Gara, "Mylee came to us two years ago from nationally recognized Utah Avalanche (Utah),  full of promise.  She is coming into her own and hungry for more." 

We are so proud of our Chicas representing with the best of the best!  Work. Love. Share. Advance.  We are the Chicas.

Mylee Carver with Tiffany Milbrett

Mylee Carver with Tiffany Milbrett