The Chicas programming is based on skill, ball mastery, and possession. We believe the fun part of the game is the ball.  The more we have of the ball, the more engaged players become, the more touches players get, the more chances we create as a team, and the more fun we have playing the game.  We teach, and expect, our players and teams to not only possess the ball, but move the ball with artistry, tempo, and rhythm. 

Over the course of the next week, we will be sharing the lens in which we teach the game.  Using Performance Pillars, we are able to not only measure a performance, but further define and paint the picture for players to apply what is learned in a meaningful way.  This will result in strong contributions, advancement, and greater enjoyment of the game.  Today's insight is: POSSESSION. 

  • First Touch
    • controlling the ball with intention
    • moving with your first touch to: 1. Penetrate,  2. Tight Control, 3. Separate from pressure, 4. Prepare to execute an idea
    • using all surfaces of your body to control ball: feet (all surfaces), thigh, chest, back, shoulder, head
  • Dribbling
    • to penetrate; advancing ball up field, or behind opposition
    • to possess; to separate from opposition
    • to create; moving opposition for pass, continued dribble, shot, service, or create space for teammates run
    • to speed up or slow down your teams advancement of the ball and runs 
  • Passing
    • to feet; on the floor, sharp, accurate, appropriate weight and texture
    • positive passes that breakdown opponents defensive blocks
    • speed of play; minimal touches, fluidity, simple, ball remains in motion 
    • combination play

Players that make a consistent positive contribution to their team, training, and games, the greater opportunities and enjoyment.  

Future posts will cover:

  • Defending
  • Scoring
  • Creating
  • Influence  

Work. Love. Share.  We are the Chicas!